A Letter from the Executive Director

Excerpt from the Spring issue of Connect Member Newsletter

Growing up, my family viewed vacations as mini breaks from our daily life going to places always within a few hours of home. It almost always included a stop to see distant family or friends and most of our memorable experiences are the ways we connected to each other in the back of our station wagon and the memories of playing with cousins and friends.

Omaha Children’s Museum is the perfect place to plan your mini break from your summer routine. With so many things happening this summer, you will want to plan to take some or all of them in, and for most, this won’t require a lot of planning, packing or stress.

Our summer exhibit upstairs, Dinos: The Big Dig, will provide hours of paleontological fun, and your imagination will take you farther than the modern day station wagon driving across town. On top of that, an expanded Fairytale Theatre will pamper young princesses and knights, while our Imagination Playground expands its offerings with the addition of a bank and medical center to encourage children to try on more roles in the future. We have camp offerings for kids age 2-8, a new train attraction and a musical incentive to encourage you to climb the stairs.

So, take your family to far away places and use your OCM membership as your exciting passport for fun without the hassle of airport security and long days on the road!


About Lindy J. Hoyer

As executive Director of the Omaha Children’s Museum since June of 2002, Lindy Hoyer brings 26 years of passion for reaching out to children through children’s museum work and continues striving to inspire young people to play, explore and learn. 

During Hoyer’s tenure as Executive Director, Omaha Children’s Museum has seen fantastic growth and accomplishment from hosting blockbuster traveling exhibits to completing a $6.6 million capital campaign and renovation of the museum’s permanent exhibits and seeing attendance soar to over 270,000 annually. 

Hoyer participated in the inaugural Noyce Leadership Institute along with 17 science center executives from across the world. She has served on the board of directors for the Association of Children's Museums (ACM) and participates in Qm2 Roundtable for Museum Executives. Locally, she serves on the Omaha Sister City Association Board and serves as a member of the Economic Development Commission for Nebraska.