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Be Big in Itty Bitty City!
November 13 10:54 AM

Work and play in a 10,000 square foot kid-powered metropolis filled with an airport, ambulance, bank, construction site, park, news station and more. The spaces in the exhibit are inspired by places in the Omaha area and have been conceptualized and constructed with the help of more than 30 area businesses and organizations. Itty Bitty City is the museum's third "community-engaged exhibit" created in partnership with organizations from across the area. The community-engaged exhibit initiative received a supporting grant from the IMLS in 2011. 

The exhibit includes the following areas:

IBC Fire Training Center, Omaha Fire Department
A physical play area where kids can prepare to work for the fire department 

Cruiser Command Post, Omaha Police Department
Kids will fight crime in the city from a real OPD police cruiser and can listen to dispatch recordings

Werner, Werner Enterprises
Hop into the kid-sized semi truck, use an interactive computer to learn about maps and geography 

Bitty Borsheims, Borsheims
Guests can shop for gifts and look at items on display, then ring up items at the cash register 

City Vet, Nebraska Humane Society
Take care of the pretend animals where kids can play veterinarian, give them a bath and even try their hand at pretend animal surgery

Itty Bitty Channel Six News, WOWT Channel 6 
Kids can sit at the real news desk to create their own newscast, and when they're done anchoring, they can use a green screen to go on location as a reporter or operate the news camera

Itty Bitty Expansion Project, CAT 
At the expansion project construction site, kids can use the bulldozer and other tools to help make the city bigger and better

Sam & Louie's Pizzeria, Sam & Louie's 
Take orders, make pizzas and serve friends and family at the Sam & Louie's pizzeria

Itty Bitty International, Lamp Rynearson & Associates
Kids can fly miniature planes and direct flight traffic from the control tower
Playworld Park & Putt, Backyard Playworld 
Build gross motor skills playing on the large play structure and take a turn on a special putt-putt hole

Omaha Steaks Amphitheater, Omaha Steaks 
Listen to live performances throughout the run of the exhibit or create a performance on the amphitheater's stage 

Itty Bitty City Hall, Business Ethics Alliance 
Learn about the Omaha Business Core Values with the Super City Alliance superheroes, Ace, Fin, Reese, Izzy and Moe.

Eco Expressway and Natural Gas & Go, MUD/Happy Cab 
Use a pedal car to travel on the Eco Expressway, then gas up at Natural Gas & Go 

Mini Mutual of Omaha, Mutual of Omaha 
Brush up on office skills while you work at a computer, make calls on the phone and collaborate with coworkers 

Children's Hospital & Medical Center Ambulance, Children's Hospital & Medical Center
Learn safety and rescue skills and save the citizens of the Itty Bitty City with the ambulance 

Security National Bank, Security National Bank 
Send money through the fan-powered deposit tube, become a banker at a teller's station and count money at the banker's table, learn about the importance of saving to achieve your goals
IBC Water Works, MUD 
See what's under the street and how utilities work at IBC Water Works or travel above ground through the manhole to be on top of the street

Children's Drive and Valmont Way, Valmont 
Follow the streets and their Itty Bitty sized streetlights to get from place-to-place in the city and learn how to use the crosswalk at the intersection

Itty Bitty City will be open through April 14 during regular museum hours. Admission is $2 in addition to regular museum admission which is $9 for adults and children ages 2 to 59.
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