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Fantastic Future Me

Dream. Save. Become.

Fantastic Future Me is a fun and interactive exhibit designed to encourage inspiration and hope in children by allowing them to see themselves in a positive role in the future. Research shows that excitement about the future and thinking about yourself in a positive future role creates hope. More hopeful people go to school more often, get better grades and even live longer than people who are not hopeful.

Using a large touch screen and camera, children take a photo of their face and then drag and drop elements representing different careers and grown-up roles onto their own "Future Me." Children can mix and match their own personal interests and future aspirations to create a one-of-a-kind future self. Future Me's can be shared by email, on Facebook and on Twitter. When the email arrives in the guest's inbox, there will be information on getting their child involved in the subjects/careers in which he or she is interested along with their one-of-a-kind Future Me.

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