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Namaste India

NOW OPEN through September 4, 2022

From Bollywood to the Taj Mahal, from playing cricket to practicing yoga, visitors will experience the wonders of India in the cultural exhibit Namaste India. While encouraging global awareness and cultural appreciation, the exhibit features the vibrant art, food and colorful traditions of this culture. Namaste India was produced by The Magic House.

A daily program will be held in the exhibit, where we will learn about the art, customs, and people of India!

Artist visits are planned for June 26 (sport groups), July 16 (musicians), Aug. 6 (community day), and Aug. 27 (dance groups).

Explore the exhibit space:

Bollywood • Families can walk a red carpet and pose for a glamorous photo op dressed in colorful sarees and other traditional clothing. • Visitors can watch clips from famous Bollywood movies and learn more about the biggest film industry in the World.

Tuk Tuk • Guests will take a simulated ride in a three-wheeled tuk tuk, a motorized rickshaw found throughout India. • Families can pay for their ride using QR code payment technology, just like they do in India.

Cricket • Visitors will learn about the popular game of cricket, the second most popular sport in India and the World. • Children can don the jerseys from India’s national team and practice “bowling” or throwing a ball at a wicket target.

School • Families will learn about a traditional school day for children in India. • Students will study the geography and diversity of India as well as learn Hindi words and numbers. • Children will create their own Republic of India flag and a tiger mask, the national animal of India.

Family Home • Visitors will explore a traditional home featuring an entrance decorated with a rangoli and filled with other traditional Indian art forms. • Children can pack a lunch for school in a tiffin box, a unique metal stackable lunch box used throughout India • Children can harvest vegetables and practice yoga in the home’s backyard

Marketplace • At the Spice Market, children will test their senses by smelling popular spices like turmeric, cumin and cloves. • At the Sweet Shop, families can arrange a mithai box, a display of traditional Indian sweets. • At the Fabric Market, visitors will try their hand at block printing, a traditional Indian art form still practiced today. • At the Street Food Cart, children can use QR code technology to purchase a healthy treat.

Dhaba • At this roadside restaurant, families will prepare roti, a traditional flatbread cooked in a clay tandoor oven. • Children will serve tandoori chicken and other traditional dishes to guests at a unique table.

Namaste India was created by The Magic House, St. Louis Children’s Museum and made possible by Daugherty Business Solutions, Linda and Jesse Hunter, Mastercard, Tim and Elizabeth Swank, and additional community support.

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