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Featured Member March 2021

Interview with Julio Aguirre


When did you join the Board of Directors? January 2021

Any position you currently hold on the board/have held on the board: Governance committee

What are you most proud of accomplishing during your time on the board? If you’re one of the newest members on the board, what do you hope to accomplish? Being one of the newest board members, I am looking for being able to bring diverse voices, diverse faces, and be an inclusive museum. I have also been a part of one of the upcoming exhibits called Game On. Super excited about leaving a mark in the Omaha community. 

Your hometown: I was born in Los Angeles, But Omaha is life.

What things interested you as a child? WWF wrestling and skateboarding. I was so deep into Tony Hawk and trying to do a kickflip. I'm actually still involved in the skateboarding community. What brought me into the skateboarding community is the camaraderie on wanting to land a trick or learning something new. It's a sight to see.

What did you want to be when you grow up? I wanted to be the next Michael Jordan... but I realized that was over when I couldn't jump more than 6 inches off the ground... I am also 5'9.

What was your first job? My first job was at Dillard's in Council Bluffs, Iowa. I was a Men's Shoe Salesman.

What do you do now? I am currently working in Digital Advertising. I work on accounts like Walmart, Walgreens, JC Penney to name a few. I work toward hitting their goals, reaching a new audience, and also pitch new ad formats. 

Tell us about your family: I have two daughters. A 6-year-old named Camila and a fiery 2-year-old named Elena.  They are my world. Camila is in ballet and loves to pirouette when asked to. Also, she doesn't know how to skip. Which is adorable to me. Currently, she is working on her own fashion line featuring Barbie as her top model. In April she wants to have a lemonade stand! Elena is learning how to count to 10. How could I forget my dog son, Omar. my 9 month old Boston Terrier. He is a joy to have. 

Share a memory you have of visiting Omaha Children’s Museum: I think this is more a memory of Camila's, but she loves two places: school and the Children's Museum. When we are heading Downtown she knows we are heading to the Children's Museum. She somehow KNOWS. With that being said, I know this Museum has left a great impression on her. 

What are three words that best describe Omaha Children’s Museum: Quality, Embrace, Learn.