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Investigate and Play Field Trips

Currently, regular field trips are not available. Click here to learn about our Virtual Field Trips!

This facilitated field trip includes exploration in the museum’s permanent and special exhibits as well as hands-on guided workshops. Choose from one of the Investigate and Play workshops.



Group Size

12-32 students*


Pre-K through 3rd Grade


2 hours (play in the museum + 45 min. workshop)** 


Investigate and Play Field Trips are currently unavailable.

*If actual attendance is less than the minimum group size, your group will be charged for 12 admissions.

**If your organization is bringing three or more groups, additional time will be required.


Rocks Rock

Be a geologist and explore the world of rocks and minerals. Find out how different rocks are formed. Make a volcano erupt and start your own rock collection to take home!

What's the Matter?

Investigate the properties of solids, liquids, gases and even the mysterious fourth state of matter. Make, observe and take home your own slime!

Mad Scientist's Kitchen

Join us for a wacky Mad Scientist Kitchen adventure. We will be madly experimenting with food while exploring scientific concepts, making observations, measuring and so much more!

Weather Wiz

Explore the phenomena of weather! Be a meteorologist and learn how clouds and rain are formed, and see demonstrations of lightning and a tornado.

Exciting Electricity

Investigate the science of electricity including circuits, conductors and insulators. Create a take-home project using your newly acquired circuitry skills.

Way to Grow!

Discover the world of plants. Dissect a bean seed, observe different parts of trees, and plant your own garden.


For questions or to book, email groups@ocm.org or call (402) 342-6164 X. 446.