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Investigate and Play Field Trips

This facilitated field trip includes exploration in the museum’s permanent and special exhibits as well as hands-on guided workshops. Choose from one of the Investigate and Play workshops.



Group Size

12-32 students*


1st through 3rd Grade


2 hours (play in the museum + 45 min. workshop)** 


Investigate and Play Field Trips are available during regular museum hours. They are not available during the summer.

*If actual attendance is less than the minimum group size, your group will be charged for 12 admissions.

**If your organization is bringing three or more groups, additional time will be required.


Dinos Rock

Be a geologist! Be a paleontologist! Find out what these scientists have in common and the tools they use. Learn how different rocks were formed and start your own rock collection. Observe some real fossils and make your own.

Weather Wiz

Explore the phenomena of weather! You’ll be blown away as you learn how wind, clouds, rain, lightning and thunder are formed. Be a meteorologist and use the scientific method to investigate clouds and rain.

Way to Grow!

Discover the world of plants and bugs and how their lives intersect. Dissect a bean seed and plant a garden. Find out the differences between insects and arachnids and some cool facts about some of these creepy crawlies.

Engineering with the Three Little Pigs

Meet the three most famous engineers in storybook history. Have a blast acting out the classic tale, The Three Little Pigs. Work in teams to enhance your engineering skills as you build a house strong enough to withstand the huff and puff of the Big Bad Wolf.

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