Field Trips

Students can explore the museum and any special exhibit with classmates and chaperones. This field trip is great for early childhood groups, preschool, kindergarten or lower elementary grades. Add on a Learning Lab for even more educational fun!


$9 per student

If adding a Learning Lab, price is $12 per student.

Group Size

12 – 85 students

If actual attendance is less than the minimum, your group will be charged for 12 paid admissions.


Preschool – 3rd Grade


2 hours


Available as early as 9:30 a.m., during regular museum hours. Field trips must be booked in advance.


One chaperone must attend with every 6 students. For preschool-age children, one chaperone must attend for every 4 students. All required chaperones will attend free of charge.

Only chaperones within the 6:1 ratio are complimentary; any amount over the required ratio will have to pay admission fees.

Add a Learning Lab!

Field Trip Cost: $12 per student

Learning Labs are 45-minute hands-on guided workshops for groups of 30 students or less, that can be added to your 2-hour play time in the museum.

If your organization is bringing three or more groups, additional time will be required at an additional expense.

Learning Labs are not available during the summer (June – August).

Rocks and Fossils

Be a geologist! Be a paleontologist! Find out what these scientists have in common and the tools they use. Investigate different kinds of rocks, observe real fossils, and learn how they were formed. Then, find your own fossils and rocks in our sluice. It’s a rockin’ good time! NE State Standards: SC.K.7, SC.K.7.2, SC.K.7.2.A, SC.K.7.2.B, SC.K.7.2.C, SC.K.7.2.D

Weather Wizards

Explore the phenomena of weather! Use the scientific method to investigate clouds, thunder, and lightning. This lesson will blow you away! NE State Standards: SC.K.12, SC.K.12.3, SC.K.12.3.A, SC.K.12.3.B, SC.K.12.3.C, SC.K.12.3.D, SC.K.12.3.E

Wacky Plants

Discover the world of plants. Dissect a bean seed and plant a garden. Find out about some of the weird, wild, and wacky plants that grow on earth. There’s plenty to DIG about this lab! NE State Standards: SC.K.7, SC.K.7.2, SC.K.7.2.A, SC.K.7.2.B, SC.K.7.2.C, SC.K.7.2.D

NEW! FUN-damentals of Flight

It’s a bird; it’s a plane; it’s… the FUN-damentals of Flight! Experiment with the four forces of flight: lift, gravity, thrust and drag. Use the engineering design process to make your own flying invention and test it in the wind tunnel. NE State Standards: SC.2.3, SC.2.3.1, SC.2.3.1.A, SC.2.3.1.B, SC.2.3.1.C, SC.2.3.1.D, SC.2.3.1.E


Explore the science of bubbles! Use the scientific method and investigate different liquids in order to make the best bubble solution in this POP-ular lab! NE State Standards: SC.2.3.1, SC.2.3.1.A, SC.2.3.1.B, SC.2.3.1.C, SC.2.3.1.D, SC.2.3.1.E

Fees and Payment

Program fees are effective through May 31, 2024. Payment is required on the day of the field trip unless other arrangements have been made. Please make all checks payable to Omaha Children’s Museum.

Cancellation Policy

Contact the museum at least two weeks in advance to cancel your trip. Cancelled trips without two weeks notice will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. Groups may not book trips again until this fee is paid.

Eating Accommodations

Please plan accordingly and communicate with the Group Sales Manager if your group intends to eat lunch at the museum. We have limited space available for large group eating accommodations. An outdoor public eating area is available on a first come, first serve basis. Indoor lunch rooms are available to reserve at time of booking for $50 per group. All lunch rooms are subject to availability.


To book your field trip, please contact the Group Sales Manager at (402) 930-2340 or Please schedule at least two weeks prior to your program or admission. For the best choice of day and time, please schedule early.

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