Educational Videos

We produce our own original video programming that children and adults can enjoy together! Check out all of our channels and subscribe so that you don’t miss any new uploads!

Tinker Time

OCM’s very own Tinker Fairy brings Tinker Factory challenges to the comfort of your home! So gather your supplies, your curiosity, and, of course, your safety goggles, and tune in for the tinkering magic!

Varsity Tutors Programs

We’ve compiled all of the programs that we’ve recorded live with Varsity Tutors into one playlist – watch Superhero Science, Great Minds of Science, Don’t Poke the Dragon and MORE!

Kitchen ABCs

We’ve got over 24 recipes for you to follow along and try out at home!

Adventures in Science

Join Amber as she meets and experiments with some of the most famous scientists throughout history. Who will Amber encounter next?

The Great Tinker Challenge

Ben is given a challenge in each episode, where he’ll try, fail, and try again!

Porter and Pete

Porter the frog comes to life each night and explores the museum with our night custodian, Pete!

Abigail’s Adventures

Abigail and her friend Henry A. Mouse go on adventures in the Omaha Children’s Museum and their community!

Museum Without Walls

Go with us as we go out into the community and meet a police officer and visit a fire station!

Art Activities for Kids

Make an eggshell mosaic and paper snowflakes right from your home!


Sing some songs with us!

Creative Games for Kids

Learn the squiggly line game and build a fort!


Listen along as we tell you some stories!

Science Activities

Learn how to make trace fossils, slime, sidewalk paint and MORE!

Baby and Me Sign Language

Learn simple sign language to teach to and communicate with your baby.