Exhibit Rentals

Omaha Children’s Museum has a creative staff dedicated to building unique, engaging, and fun special exhibits.

Forever Forest

An educational adventure awaits children at the Forever Forest, a national traveling exhibit that explores how we use the forest to live, work and play in harmony. Exploring the realities of forests through play, families will learn about sustainability, selective harvesting, transportation needs, and the every-day products we use made from trees.

Bug Squad

Every bug – and every person – has unique abilities and traits that make them super. Bug Squad will create excitement about learning by immersing children in an exhibit inspired by fictitious superheroes and factual science. In this imaginative world, insects don’t just have super abilities, they are real superheroes! Kids will be introduced to a squad of uniquely characterized bugs that are designed to inspire a love for science and an appreciation for diversity.

Dinosaur Safari

Dive into the prehistoric world of dinosaurs as you become a paleontologist! Come face to face with dinosaurs such as Ankylosaur and T-Rex. Play in a fort or imagine yourself driving a safari vehicle. Hands-on opportunities in the dig pit allow for exciting new discoveries.

Block Party

Not only is playing with blocks fun; block play helps us to learn and develop important skills we’ll need as we grow! Through blocks, we can learn everything from counting and matching to how to share and communicate with our friends! With OCM’s Block Party, we use blocks to build on important STEAM concepts. Develop hypotheses and test them on our Earthquake Testing Table. Explore technology and engineering as you build with Magnetos and Keva Planks. Express your artistic side as you design with Magna Tiles, and practice mathematics as you stack and sort Dado Cubes.

Moon to Mars

Moon to Mars will inspire excitement about learning by transporting children to a world inspired by the current realities and the future dreams of space travel. This exhibit, designed with support from NASA’s Deep Space Exploration Systems at Johnson Space Center, will demonstrate that science and exploration require a diverse team.

A Generation of Hope: Indigenous Peoples of the Heartland

A Generation of Hope: Indigenous Peoples of the Heartland is a celebration of the people who have called this region home for thousands of years. Learn about their culture and traditions throughout this interactive exhibit. Climb the Bur Oak Tree, visit a school, learn about the importance of storytelling and the significance of the winter count to that tradition, then create your own winter count. Explore traditional housing and imagine life in an earth lodge, tipi, and much more!

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