Outreach Programs

Outreaches are fun, educational programs offered off-campus in classrooms, camps, and other locations. Outreaches have been modified to comply with current safety guidelines. There are two types of outreaches available: On-site, and Virtual Live Outreach. Small group outreach programs are presentations that include hands-on components. Large group presentations are engaging outreach programs designed for larger audiences.


Small Group 
$200 for a group of up to 30 students; $50 for each addition of same show (Preschool – 3rd grade)

Large Group Presentations
$249 for a group of up to 300 students; $100 for each addition of same show (Preschool – 5th grade)

Comparing the Outreaches


On-site outreaches will occur in-person with a museum education facilitating activities. Should you have safety protocols you wish us to follow, please let us know in advance of the program so we can do our best to accommodate. We acknowledge that each county is different in regards to restrictions and is continuously changing. If you have questions about our safety practices, please email groups@ocm.org or call (402) 342-6164 x410.

Travel Cost for On-Site

Free within 10 miles of the museum. $2 per round trip mile beyond 10 miles of the museum.

For more information on the safety measures our staff take when presenting on-site outreaches, please email groups@ocm.org or call (402) 342-6164 x410.

Virtual Live Outreach

Watch an outreach and interact with a museum educator in this combination of live and virtual experiences. These outreaches occur over Zoom, and are great options for summer camps and birthday parties. A kit with necessary supplies would be delivered to schools the week of the activity.



35-45 minutes for On-site and Virtual Live Outreaches. The time varies for outreaches depending on audience interaction.

Educators will need 30 minutes before and after on-site presentation for set-up and clean-up time.


7 days a week

Small Group Programs

Rocks and Fossils

Be a geologist! Be a paleontologist! Find out what these scientists have in common and the tools they use. Learn how different rocks were formed, observe some real fossils, and make your own. 

NE State Standards: SC.K.7, SC.K.7.2, SC.K.7.2.A, SC.K.7.2.B, SC.K.7.2.C, SC.K.7.2.D

Iowa State Standards: 2-ESS2, 3-LS4-1, 4-ESS1, 4-ESS2



Learn the scientific method while students practice making observations, creating hypotheses, and testing ideas to discover what mystery liquids can make a bubble. 

NE State Standards: SC.2.3.1, SC.2.3.1.A, SC.2.3.1.B, SC.2.3.1.C, SC.2.3.1.D, SC.2.3.1.E

Iowa State Standards: K-2-ETS 1, 3-5-ETS 1


Engineering with the Three Little Pigs

Meet the three most famous engineers in storybook history. Have a blast acting out the classic tale. Work in teams to enhance your engineering skills as you build a house strong enough to withstand the huff and puff of the Big Bad Wolf. 

NE State Standards: SC.2.3.1, SC.2.3.1.A, SC.2.3.1.B, SC.2.3.1.C, SC.2.3.1.D, SC.2.3.1.E

Iowa State Standards: K-2-ETS 1


Forces in Motion

Learn the three laws of motion in this interactive outreach. Explore how objects can be pushed or pulled and why forces move the way they do! Experiment with cars and how to change their motion when rolling down a ramp! 

NE State Standards: SC.K.1.1, SC.K.1.1.A, SC.K.1.1.B

Large Group Presentations

Space: It’s Out of This World


Become a Space Cadet and join us as we tour our solar system and learn important physics, chemistry, and engineering concepts. Blast off with a combustion reaction, find out what happens when there is no air pressure, and watch as we make our own version of a comet!

Meets these State Educational Standards*
Science Standards: Nebraska – SC.K.1; SC.1.11; SC.2.13 / Iowa – K-PS2; 1-ESS1-1; 1-ESS-1
Mathematics: TS Gold – 20.c.6-8; 21.b.4-6; 22.4-6
Language: TS Gold – 9.d.6-8
Cognitive: TS Gold – 11.a.6-8; 11.d.6-8; 12.b.6-8; 14.a.6-8


The Amazing Bubble Show


Experience Omaha Children’s Museum’s most POP-ular program. Discover new tools to create bubbles, turn bubbles into smoke and even make bubbles big enough for a person to stand in.

Meets these State Educational Standards*
Science Standards: Nebraska – SC.K.1, SC.1.6, SC.2.3, SC.4.6, SC.5.3 / Iowa – K-PS2, 2-PS1, 4-PS4, K-2-ETS1
Math/Mathematics: Nebraska – MA 0.1.1; MA 0.3.1; MA 1.1.1; MA 1.3.1; MA 2.1.1; MA 2.3.1; MA 3.1.1; MA 3.3.1 / Iowa – K.CC; K.OA; K.MD; K.G.1.OA; 1.G / TS Gold – 21.b.4-6
Language: TS Gold – 9.d.6-8
Cognitive: TS Gold – 11.a.6-8; 11.c.6-8; 11.d.6-8
English Language Acquisition: TS Gold -37.6-8, 38.6-8

Molecular Mayhem


This outreach will explore what happens to molecules when they are put to the test! Watch liquids become solids, soap become fluffy, and chip bags shrink in the show all about molecules and chemical reactions!

Meets these State Educational Standards*
Science Standards: Nebraska – SC.K.1, SC.1.2, SC.2.3, SC.4.2, SC.4.4, SC.5.3 / Iowa – K-PS2, 1-PS4, 2-PS1, 4-PS3, 5-PS1
Mathematics: TS Gold – 22.4-6
TS Gold – 8.a.6-8
Cognitive: TS Gold – 11.a.6-8; 11.d.6-8

Seasonal Shows

Pete’s Groovy Science Show (Sept. – Nov.)

Come along as we walk in Pete the Cat’s white shoes and do some experimenting along the way! We will investigate the properties of color and have some groovy fun.

Freezing Cold Science (Nov. – Jan.)

Brrrrr! It’s cold outside! And what are we going to do? Make it even colder! Join our friendly frost experts for some spine-chilling science experiments. We will create dry ice bubbles, make our own snow, and SNOW much more! This show really does make science cool.

Seuss-sational Science (Feb. – May)

Meet the museum’s resident “Seussical Scientist” as we bring Dr. Seuss’ classics to life with experiments and silliness inspired by the legendary books! This larger than life program bridges literacy and STEM learning in a fun and engaging way!

*Note: As of September 2021, the most recent list of standards from the Nebraska Department of Education are; Science 2017, Math 2015 and Language Arts 2014. For Iowa, the standards are Science 2015, Mathematics 2012 and Literacy 2016. Standards are listed from K to 3rd grade.

Festival Fun Booth!

Want to book Omaha Children’s Museum to host a booth at your school or festival? Choose from bubble activities, wind tunnel flying experiments, coding mice, or all of them! These are fun, interactive experiences your participants are sure to enjoy!

$250 for first hour; $100 for each additional hour

Fees and Payment

Program fees are listed above and are effective through May 31, 2023. Please make all checks payable to Omaha Children’s Museum. For outreaches, presenter cannot take payment on the day of event. If not paid in advance, you will be billed.

Cancellation Policy

Contact the museum at least two weeks in advance to cancel your outreach. Cancelled outreaches without two weeks notice will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. Groups may not book outreaches again until this fee is paid.


Outreaches are available 7 days a week. To book your field trip, please contact the Group Sales Manager at (402) 930-2340 or groups@ocm.org. Please schedule at least two weeks prior to your program.

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