Agency Memberships

Agency Memberships are available to all service and non-profit organizations that bring their clients to OCM on a regular basis. This includes the following groups: Daycares, Family Advocacy Centers, Child Care Centers, Foster Care Centers, Family Developmental Services, and Women’s Centers.

Cost $225.00 + tax

If your company is exempt from state sales taxes, please submit your Form 13 before purchasing your membership.

This membership covers three (3) adults/employees and up to ten (10) children per visit. We ask that you maintain a ratio of one adult for every six children (ages 5+) or one adult for every four children (4 and under). Additional visitors will be charged a group rate of $9 per person.

The Agency can choose one of two ways to use the membership, depending on the Agency’s needs:

  1. Employees come in with the children/families to attend the museum during the day. (Daycares, Child Care Centers, Family Developmental Services, etc)
  2. The Agency will check out the pass to a family for a visit to the museum. The family then turns it back in after a determined amount of time. (Foster Care Centers, Child Advocacy Centers, Women’s Centers, etc.)

The branch will receive two physical membership cards.  Only one pass can be used per day. The second pass is available in case the original is lost or stolen. Please contact the museum for replacements. Employees cannot use this pass for personal use. This pass is to be used solely for the agency for which it was purchased.

Membership may be used for general admission during public museum hours.  It may not be used to receive discounts on special events, camps, the gift shop, or other general membership benefits.

The museum reserves the right to alter the program for any reason at any time.

If your group size is over 12, you must make a reservation with the Group Sales Manager at or call (402) 342-6164 ext. 410.

To purchase your membership, please email or call (402) 930-8025.