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Homeschool Program

Omaha Children's Museum has launched a new program just for homeschooling! This is a program with the opportunity to join us once a month for a virtual learning experience. 

Programs last 45 minutes and include time for students to ask our scientists questions! We will cover a wide range of topics like chemistry, dinosaurs, food chains, and other science concepts geared towards students K-6 grade levels. 

Cost per household $14 plus tax

Next Program: February 27 at 2 pm

Exciting Electricity

Jumpstart the learning with our energizing program full of shocking information! Get ready to watch sparks fly as we explore static electricity, how electricity flows through a circuit, what a conductor and insulator is, and why rubbing a balloon on your head makes your hair stick up!

Specific NE State Standards: SC.1.2 SC.2.3 SC.3.1, SC.4.4, SC.6.4, SC.7.3, SC.8.2, SC.HS.1

Access to the event will be through a Zoom link that will be sent to the email used to register for the event. Entrance into the Zoom will begin 10 minutes prior to the event.

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